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Customer Reviews (view all)
Average Rating: 5/5

Topher Raven Rated: 5
my first order still going strong!!!
I orber this sample years ago and am still using them as I am researching the 8th generation of them now...and WOW!!! Bigger and better everytime! Thanks sporestore!

Dallas Halsey Rated: 5
Arrived super fast! Awesome

Anonymous Rated: 5
B+? I say A+
Purchased a 2 pack of these. I'm happy with that decision because the syringes are heavily populated with spores. Very satisfied with my transaction, have had very little time to view these but no complaints so far :)

Adam Smith Rated: 5
Great quality spores!!!
Great quality spores!!!

Anonymous Rated: 5
And away we go
Fast shipping.. Got my Super charged 4x syringes in yesterday at noon already had the room ready to go.. Colonized first thing this morning.. I will give an update... THANK YOU SPORE STORE..

Aaron Garcia Rated: 5
Truly the newbies best friend
Back in November I ordered this strain recommended by fellow researcher as a easy almost fail proof strain and you really cannot go wrong with the plus they almost seem to be made For the PF tec method and despite being a total newbie but I feel is though I really have a mastery of this strain and feel very comfortable in saying that at least in the supercharged syringe from the spore store using Pf tek and a lot of patients you will succeed

Anonymous Rated: 5
B Plus
As soon as I inoculated my jars. My mycelium was completely ready in2 & a 1/2 weeks.came out great and many flushes.

Anonymous Rated: 5
Spore Store
Great communication, fast shipping, you definitely get what you pay for and this is quality. Amazing research at a great price. Definitely won't be my last order

Anonymous Rated: 5
Just ordered these yesterday. Cant wait to do some research!!!

matt peterson Rated: 5
Dr. Gonzo
Fast shipping, great research overall. Love you people! However, and this isn't a bad thing, the B+ I received turned out too be special: they're all white. not a true albino due to the purple-black spores, but albino looking indeed. Been cycling prints of these for a while. I love 'em! I guess you just never know what to expect sometimes! Give them a go!

Anonymous Rated: 5
Fast shipping! We will see how these spores do lol. But they looked good when I got them in the mail

Anonymous Rated: 5
ready for another 10 pac these r the strongest cubes by far

Nik Landry Rated: 5
Just Started
This is my first purchase with many more to come. They arrived fast and just started colonizing yesterday. Really excited!

Anonymous Rated: 5
Very Nice spores.
just got my super charged 4x syringe in to day very impressed thank you spore store

treavor hatfield Rated: 5
Treavor H.
Fast shipin . Started my research about 6 days ago ,and have signs of coloinzation quick as hell very happy with the service will be back for more supplies soon trust on that thanks spore store

Anonymous Rated: 5
got my spores
tryn a couple expariments, with this strain, ill keep u updated whith the results

Anonymous Rated: 5
the research has finally begun, thank you spore store for the excellent service.. im anxious for a couple more days to get the B+ poppin

Anonymous Rated: 5
Fassst Shipping
Very fast shipping,,quality of the shrooms is unmatched. The cheapest site out there by far!

Anonymous Rated: 5
Just knocked up a mycobag and 3 jrrs SHIPPING WAS FAST SYRNGES PACKED WITH SPORE

Jeff Grady Rated: 5
Man OH Man! Got my reseaech spore syringes 2 days ago!! FAST Delivery. I simply placed the syringe under magnification..And wow!!! More Spores than i could believe. Thanks Guys I will beback!!!

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Psilocybe Cubensis

Classification: Hallucinogenic
Susbstrate: Equine Dung & Enriched Soils
Temperature: Subtropical

This strain is on special! Only $9.95!

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10-PACK SYRINGES (+$60.00)
SPORE PRINT (+$45.00)

x4 Concentrated Spores (+$7.99)



Our Price: $9.95

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