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SPORE SYRINGES AS LOW AS $4.99! Golden Teacher - Customer Reviews

Average Rating: 5/5

Anonymous Rated: 5
Syringe of Golden Teachers
GOOD product.

Anonymous Rated: 5
Absolutely Excellent Quality and Service!
For professionalism, quality, purity and authenticity you can't go wrong with the Spore Store. After much research this is my preferred spore source and am totally satisfied. Having an authentic, pure source for accurate, safe research is essential. Based on my experience thus far the Spore Store is it! Thank you for providing humanity with such an important and valuable service.

Anonymous Rated: 5
Happy customer
Purchased these without paying extra for the supercharged syringes. The syringes I received shipped quick and were heavily populated with spores. Have had very little time to view these, but so far so good.
I'd also like to remind a lot of customers leaving reviews that these spores are for "microscopic viewing" purposes, and that leaving reviews about growing operations etc. is negligent and could potentially have negative repercussions for sporestore which is (in my experience)a very reputable website and business. We all know what we're buying and their purpose. Let's please use a little discretion when leaving reviews? Thanks sporestore :)

Anonymous Rated: 5
Amazing spores!!!
Wow. I love the spores from here. Research soon and will be back to post results.

Charles Bundy Rated: 5
Excellent products
Excellent products.

Anonymous Rated: 5
Good so far
They came in today, looks good so far . Going to try them out

Anonymous Rated: 5
I'm very impressed with this company so far. I will post another review after some research, but everything so far has been perfect. I will be ordering from them again! Next time I will get the supercharged upgrade to compare. I can't wait to try more spores!

Anonymous Rated: 5
1st Order
Only just got the syringes.... But WOW!... SUPER WELL POPULATED syringes.... none of that barely visible spore population from other companies for double the money!

Haven't observed these samples under closer inspection, so I don't know how they perform when put to the test and under observation....

I'll check back after some viewing time with my opinion on their performance

Scott Carousel Rated: 5
They were very easy to grow, and sporestore's customer service was fantastic. High yield and very potent. 1st and 2nd grows were great successes!

richard buckland Rated: 5
super FAST!
jsut got my two syringes in today...ordered them on a friday, arrived following monday...cant wait to see them under the scope!!

Anonymous Rated: 5
Fast shiping
Fast shipping and Quality product for the price. These study well and are strong spores!!

Craig Opp Rated: 5
great service!
simple to order, very cheap, arrived within 3 days, and now I have 21 beautiful spore syringes ready to use chillin in the fridge. thanks guys

Juan Garza Rated: 5
Marky Mark
great strain and clean syringes

Robert Van Leuven Rated: 5
Worked great!!! I didnt even use the syringe for 6 months after I got it just threw it in my closet. I Just recently "researched" them and they turned out awesome. I was a lil worried cuz the price sounded too good to be true but I guess this site just ROCKS! Totally gonna research some more strains from this website )

Anonymous Rated: 5
super fast delivery 4 days!

Anonymous Rated: 5
Impressive print
Dark ass print you hooked me up with. I am telling all my friends about your company. Leslie

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